08 JANUARY 2018 – 08 GENNAIO 2018


Allyson Volpe – Yoga Instructor
Alessandra Bogner – Feng Shui Consultant
Alessandra Capelli – Sciamanesimo
Anna Mattei – Astrologist
Dott. Eugenio Bacchini – Pedagogist
Gaia Leonori Pratesi - Insegnante Yoga & Professionista Reiki
Dr. James Allan Douglas – Osteopath, Body Worker & Healer
Karen Joyce – Spiritual Retreats
Kristin Sullivan – Essential Oils Therapist
Mio Concept Store – IN FORMA Pendants
Mirco Braghiroli – Dień Chań Reflexology
Relax Firenze – Boutique 

ALLYSON VOLPE – Yoga Instructor
Contact: 345.352.9877 -

To live this life takes a serious dose of courage. Increasingly, we need tools to help us raise our
levels of energy, vitality, balance, clarity, happiness and awareness. More than ever, we are
being called upon to heal ourselves, to live our truth and to interact authentically with each
other, these rippling effects creating a more harmonious world. Your existence makes an
essential contribution to the whole. Science is proving this true. This is not New Age, this is The
Kundalini yoga is one of those powerful tools. It is a synthesis of several other types of yoga and
is accessible to anyone. It has been said that a well-taught kundalini yoga class leaves you
feeling like you’ve been to a good therapy session, had a satisfying workout in the gym,
released some pent-up emotions, burned some karma and honored your guru within. Kundalini
Yoga incorporates a sequence of movement and stretch, dynamic breath-work, meditation and
chanting all done to a good play-list of music in order to uplift and vitalize, to transform and
shift. Kundalini yoga is a workout for the mind, body and the spirit.
First time students need not feel insecure. Kundalini yoga is very accessible as you take each
posture in your own stride as demonstrated by the teacher. There is no competition with other
people or keeping up. The eyes remain closed throughout most of the postures. There is no
comparing yourself to the other. Kundalini yoga is more about generating internal energy,
working the nervous system, unblocking and going to the core rather than perfecting the
outward alignment. Every class is fresh and varied, as you work on different emotions, energy
centers, body parts, functions and systems. Participating in a kundalini yoga class today feels
vital, relevant and forward thinking for the 21st century seeker.

Please join me for yoga at Palazzo San Niccolo, (Via S. Niccolo, 79) from 13:30 – 15:00, Tuesdays
on January 23rd, January 30th, February 6th, February 13th. Please bring your own yoga mat.
There is a €15 drop-in fee or €50 for these four classes. This is a RSVP event only.

ALESSANDRA BOGNER – Feng Shui Consultant

Alessandra Bogner is originally from NYC, and is an Energy Healer who teaches classes in here
in Florence. She has developed a technique that allows her students to become aware of and
harness the energy in and around them. She assists a person in healing their past, while giving
them new tools to realize and manifest their life’s purpose. Ali lights the way to show a person
the infinite possibilities that lie beyond their repeating patterns, which often stagnate us and
damages our relationships. She shares her knowledge and method in a manner that speaks to
us both logically and spiritually and opens a path to self realization and higher understanding.

Contatto: - +39 349 6137072

Lo Sciamanesimo è Madre della comunicazione efficace e di tutte le Medicine attuali. Come il
più antico sistema di rivelazione sulla terra (testimoniato da reperti risalenti a oltre 50.000 anni
fa) è oggi il miglio sistema di conoscenza, integrazione e trasformazione personale, come
testimoniato dalla Fisica delle particelle sottili.

Il Reiki (Energia Vitale Universale) rappresenta l’opportunità di operare nei campi dello stress-
reducing e della guarigione energetica. Attraverso 4 Iniziazioni di accesso ad altrettanti livelli di

consapevolezza, l’operatore si riappropria delle abilità, iscritte nel genoma umano, di cambiare
lo stato di coscienza delle cellule, orientando verso l’armonia e quindi verso la guarigione.

ANNA MATTEI – Astrologist

Anna Mattei è laureata in Scienze politiche e in Pedagogia, si è formata con il maestro Roland
Link in pedagogia secondo l’impulso del filosofo Rudolf Steiner e ha partecipato alla fondazione
della scuola Waldorf di Firenze dove ha insegnato. Dopo una formazione di tre anni con il
maestro Michel Joseph a Parigi in Astrosofia, biografia e arte sociale conduco seminari, gruppi
e formazioni nello stesso ambito e consultazioni individuali di biografia e Astrosofia.

Contact: Office: Via E. Repetti, 14 FLORENCE
Mobile: 347 001 2432

Who I am

Degree in Pedagogy with Major in Psychology from the University of Florence,
Professional Counselor, specialized in Psychosynthesis,
Member of FAIP Counseling, Counselor Trainer and Supervisor,
One of the founding member of SICOOL- (Italian Society of Holistic Counseling),
For about forty years have been practicing oriental disciplines and have worked for their
integration with humanistic psychology.
Instructor of Mindfulness. Different kind of meditations: Raja Yoga, Buddhist Meditation, Taoist
Practitioner of Aikido Qi Gong, Kum Nye

What I do
What is Mindfulness?
Mindfulness means paying attention to the present moment in a non-judgmental manner. Our
life is spent mainly thinking about the past and worrying about the future.
In this way we lose what is happening here-and-now. We live our lives as guided by an
automatic pilot, not really being aware of what we think, feel or do.
How is the Mindfulness used?
Mindfulness is used in different contexts: for example to reduce stress and promote wellbeing
in schools of Medicine, programs for nursing schools and social workers, managers, employees,
athletes, etc.
What are the benefits of the Mindfulness?
With constant practice people have more ease in relaxing, find an improvement in
concentration and creativity, more energy and enthusiasm in their lives, greater self-awareness,
self-esteem, an ability to relate to others, and stress management. Research has shown that
people who meditate regularly have fewer physical and psychological stress-related conditions,
such as anxiety disorders, depression, panic attacks, and they also have an increased function of
the immune system.
Psychosynthesis of Roberto Assagioli, is one of the few models of the psyche developed
independently in Italy. Assagioli was the only Italian member of Freud Psychoanalythic Society
and a collegue and a friend of Jung, and he is considered one of the founders of Humanistic
and Transpersonal Psychology.
The integral conception of the human being typical of Psychosynthesis, constitutes, above all, a
method of self-realization, aimed at its four dimensions: physical, emotional, mental and
Its novelty, from the psychosynthetic approach, consists of dual aspect:
1. Psychotherapy for psychological disorders
2. A method of self-realization for the development of the human being's full potential – the
exploration and the empowerment of the inner resources of the individual through different

  • Mindfulness

  • Guided Meditation

  • Guided Visualization

  • Techniques for Personal Development:

  • Use of Diary

  • Symbolic Imagery

  • Use of Music

GAIA  LEONORI PRATESI - Insegnante Yoga & Professionista Reiki
Contatto: 339 2390141 -

L’Iyengar Yoga per me è stato come trovare la strada per trovare me stessa. È disciplina, ma lo stesso tempo fantasia e creatività.
Il focalizzare l’attenzione sull’allineamento o su un’azione mi porta ad uno stato mentale di meditazione che mi fa astrarre dal tempo e dallo spazio; mentre l’utilizzo degli strumenti mi da la possibilità di stimolare la mia creatività iniziando a pensare qual è il modo migliore per affrontare un’asana e questo stesso approccio lo riporto nella vita reale, nel cercare sempre una soluzione di fronte ad un problema.
È una via di salvezza e, tra le diverse discipline che ho provato nella mia vita, questa è l’unica in cui ho trovato oltre al beneficio fisico anche un beneficio mentale duraturo: mi sostiene laddove ho bisogno di essere sostenuta donandomi una stabilità emotiva sorprendente grazie al distacco che riesce a creare tra me e ciò che mi accade intorno; improvvisamente tutto ciò che mi circonda sembra moto lontano, non mi disturbano più pensieri sovrastanti, ma riesco a vedere solamente il mio obbiettivo finale.
Mi dona una lucidità che mi spinge ogni volta ad ‘agire’ , mai a fermarmi e a stare a guardare ma stimola in me sempre un atteggiamento positivo e pro attivo.
L’Iyengar Yoga mi ha fatto iniziare quel viaggio che avrei sempre voluto fare ma non riuscivo a trovare la strada: il viaggio verso me stessa.


DR. JAMES ALLAN DOUGLAS – Osteopath, Body Worker & Healer
Contact: 391 7268607 -

Dr. James Douglas holds a Ph.D. in Neuromuscular Integration followed by four years of post
graduate study in psychological analysis at, The International Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis,
in New York City under Alexander Lowan M.D. This study was followed by twenty five years of
private practice in New York. Concurrently, Dr. Douglas studied various esoteric paths. Advita
Vedanta and the way of the Toltec Sorcerers were the two most important of his further
explorations. His interest are now focused on how one reclaims themselves from the
programing and energetic interferences of an environment that we are programed to be
enslaved by. He would like to offer the internal technologies that one can practice to move
towards personal freedom, to a group of like minded individuals. He envisions and ongoing
interactive dialogue to explore the ways in which we can become our true selves.

KAREN JOYCE – Spiritual Retreats

Karen Joyce has been creating retreats for over ten years and her approach reflects her own
personal journey, life discoveries and teachings. Combining ancient wisdom disciplines with
modern psychology and brain-body techniques, she offers tools whose synergetic effects allow
for a greater understanding of our bodies, minds and spirits so that we can align with the inner
wisdom that we all possess.

KRISTIN SULLIVAN – Essential Oils Therapist
Contact: 327 9041781 -

Kristin creates custom blends with essential oils for clients by addressing their unique needs
following a personal consultation.
She offers an additional variety of services aligned with nature, and is available to help support
you in realizing your goals, physically, emotionally and spiritually. She is a Certified Health and
Wellness coach and plant-based chef, offering cooking lessons in your home and event
catering. Detox your home, body, and soul.

Via della Spada, 34r, 50123 Firenze FI
Tel. 055 264 5543

IN FORMA products are devices that raise the vibrational frequency of a person to the level of
the subtle body energy, thereby helping individuals accelerate or maintain the high level of
their personal growth and spiritual energy. The products create balance and long-term stability
as the name suggests IN FORMA (in form) which encompasses the essence of this philosophy:
The secrets of sacred geometry lie in forms, shapes and precise ratios;
Awareness of this ancient wisdom is a key to taking control and creating the reality you want.
This awareness aligns you with these sacred forms, keeping you IN FORMA (in form).
Antje d’Almeida, the founder of IN FORMA, travelled the world before establishing her life and
work in Italy. There, in 2011, she founded MIO, her famous concept store and acclaimed art
Antje’s unique approach combines superior design with the goal of health and wellness. This
focus naturally led to the birth of IN FORMA, her exclusive line of bioenergetic tools and
harmonizing jewelry, which has been hosted by MIO since 2014.
After testing and deepening the positive effects of these unique tools for years, Antje d’Almeida
is thrilled to welcome you to IN FORMA on-line, in a new field of unique beauty and higher

MIRCO BRAGHIROLI – Dień Chań - Multi Riflessologia Facciale Vietnamita
Contact: 3312635047 - 3466244589 /

Dien' Chan' è un valido metodo di riflessologia facciale che arriva dal Vietnam. Con questa
tecnica è possibile, lavorando su se stessi o altri, recuperare o mantenere lo stato di buona
salute. Molto efficace su disturbi di ogni genere es. cervicale, artrite, mal di testa, dolore,
insonnia, distendere le rughe, stress, mal di schiena, infiammazioni, livello d’energia & tanto
Mirco Braghiroli, riflessologo Dień Chań di riferimento in Toscana, ha 18 anni d'esperienza nel

campo. Abbilitato nel insegnare il corso di primo livello Dień Chań (imparare come auto-
trattarsi), riceve anche per sessioni individuali ogni Giovedí pommerigio in centro Firenze.

Contatto: 3312635047 - 3466244589 /
Dień Chań - Facial & Multi Reflexology from Vietnam
Dien 'Chan' is a valid method of facial reflexology that comes from Vietnam. With this technique
it is possible, working on oneself or others, to recover or maintain the state of good health. Very effective on disorders of all kinds e.g. ARTHRITIS, NECK & SHOULDER PAIN, HEAD ACHE,
Mirco Braghiroli, recognised Dień Chań reflexologist in Tuscany, has 18 years of experience in
the field. Qualified to teach the first level course of Dień Chań (learn how to self-treat), also
receives for individual sessions every Thursday afternoon in central Florence.

RELAX FIRENZE – Wellness Center
Via degli Strozzi 2, primo piano - first floor
Tel +39 055284683
Whatsapp +39 375 5540540

Relax Firenze è una wellness center, tempio della salute naturale. Nasce
dal desiderio di riunire gli elementi essenziali del benessere3.0 in un nuovo concept space:
healing arts, movimento, meditazione, e strumenti per la salute naturale.
È un luogo in cui la bellezza e l’attenzione all’ambiente possono aiutare il corpo e lo spirito a
rilassarsi senza scappare via dalla città, ma anzi, proprio in mezzo al frastuono della vita
Un’isola di quiete dove fermarsi, per un attimo o una giornata intera, e rigenerarsi. In una
pausa dal lavoro, dallo shopping, dall'arte o dal caos del centro.
Troverai una stanza di sale himalayano per combattere lo stress, respirare meglio, rigenerare il
sistema nervoso, la pelle e magari meditare, perfetta per grandi e piccini; una sala suggestiva
con vista sul cuore della città per il personal training di ultima generazione, il pilates, lo
yoga, o ballare e sentirsi in forma; massaggi e trattamenti benessere; e professionisti del
benessere e della salute naturale per prendersi cura, naturalmente, di anima e corpo.
L’intero progetto riflette la nostra visione della natura come fonte di vero benessere, coniugata
con il meglio che la tecnologia può offrire.
Vieni a scoprirle l'isola che non c'era. E' qui, vicino a te.
Relax Firenze is a temple for wellness, natural health, meditation, and bodywork. A special and
unique place where your mind, body and spirit can rejuvenate and rejoice.
Breathe easy in our calming and zen inspired Himalayan Salt Room, which heals the body and
detoxifies lungs and skin from the inside out; enjoy a signature Relax Bodywork or Energy
Healing session, or complete your daily workout in one of our inspiring studios, which are
environmentally friendly and designed with sustainable materials.
Relax Firenze offers both group and private classes: Yoga, Pilates, Mindfulness, meditation,
and EMS personal training are all available for you, every day.
Yin yang balance training is a signature training program, including remise en form of body and
Check it out here:
Take a break from art, shopping, crowd, queuing, walking...Relax, and take a pause in our
tranquil environment, a quiet and zen contrast that is conveniently located the middle of one of
the most buzzing market places in Florence.

We are here to support and serve your total wellness and self-care rituals.
Our staff of healers, bodyworkers, counselors, and teachers are a community of the best
certified expert professionals in Firenze. Our collective passions reflect our faith in the power of
nature as the source of real wellness, and we believe when this is combined with the best
technological intelligence, only the best results occur.
Our location is conveniently located in the heart of Firenze: Piazza della Repubblica. Enter
at Via Strozzi 2, first floor.